Damien Drake

His creativity has been stifled since he walked away from the Death Series.
Damien’s secret collaboration with John Godewynn threatens to destroy the new life
that his current promoter Lorna Hagen has helped him build.

John Godewynn

He has a classic calm demeanor lurking with darkness. John has reentered Damien’s
life with one zealous goal…to convince Damien to return to the Death Series.

Allette Marseau

Companion of John Godewyn and fledging fashion model. Allette is a sly confident manipulator
who is drawn to darkness. Her admiration of Damien’s work may lead to his ruin.

Lorna Hagen

Damien’s agent and lover. She is driven to turn Damien into a successful commercial photographer
as a Fine Arts Photographer. Unlike many others, Lorna wants Damien to leave the Death Series in the past.

Dietrich Lamot

He is an acclaimed critic who is highly disinterested in Damien’s sophomoric “Voyeur photography series”.
Dietrich appreciates the darkness and creativity that the Death Series possessed.